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Important Information on Choosing a Surveyor

In Canada there is no official certification for yacht surveyors. Anyone can call themselves a surveyor and go into business inspecting and appraising most types of pleasure craft. This leads to a wide variety of surveyors with varying levels of skills and experience.

The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS®) is an association of professional marine surveyors established to  assist in setting and maintaining standards by which marine surveys are performed.

SAMS® surveyors must adhere to rules of ethics and conduct, survey report content and maintain continued educational standards and upgrades. In comparison non - SAMS® surveyors have no required standards and this can be a factor in the overall quality of the service provided. Since a yacht purchase, for many individuals is one of the larger investments that they may make during their lifetime it is very important to obtain the best quality of service available. The SAMS® requirements are all about ensuring that this occurs.

When choosing a surveyor it is important to shop, ask questions and compare pricing. Be cautious of surveyors that do not associate with SAMS® or organizations  similar to SAMS®  Examine pricing structure carefully. Surveyors of quality and integrity will usually show similar pricing and any excessively higher or lower should be held in question. Also be wary of free services sometimes offered. A common gimmick sometimes used is for a surveyor to make available their resume. While in theory, a good idea and to be honest we should all be proud of our knowledge and past experiences but in reality anyone can write a convincing document covering up the fact that the individual in question should indeed be "held in question". The bottom line is be sure to check with your insurance provider to ensure that the surveyor that you are considering will be  recognized by your insurer. This should not be an issue with a SAMS® surveyor.

In addition all SAMS® surveyors carry their own liability insurance covering them while they board and inspect your vessel. This is important protection for both yourself and your marina or yacht club .

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