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About Marine Surveys

Condition and Valuation Surveys

            A Marine Survey is an objective report on the condition and value of a particular vessel paying close attention to the structure, safety and installed systems. Appearance issues are addressed only when they affect the overall value of the vessel.

            These reports are unbiased and subject to the condition and accessibility of the vessel at the time of the survey. Test methods used are of a non-destructive nature and vessel disassembly is not within the scope of these inspections. A complete evaluation of the vessel would require disassembly and will not be undertaken in the formulation of these reports.

            Hulls, decks and superstructures are inspected visually for condition and appearance. Where possible moisture levels are measured by electronic detection methods with percussive sounding being used to verify laminate voids and possible structural weakening. It should be noted that electronic moisture readings are relative numbers, which may be affected by many factors other than moisture making evaluations subjective at best.

Electrical and electronic systems are tested by powering up when power is available and if not visual inspections only are performed.

Spars and rigging are visually inspected for condition only as far as possible per accessibility.

             Engines, Drives, Mechanical and Plumbing systems are inspected visually for leaks, flaws or other defects and wear evaluations are based on visual inspections only and reported life of the components.

Interior joinery and fixtures are inspected visually for appearance, condition and for structural soundness.

The surveyor will endeavor to apply Transport Canada TP1332 standards where applicable.  If suitable standards do not exist then ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) standards will be used. Please note that at this time TP1332 standards are in the process of being harmonized with the current ABYC standards. Vessels manufactured prior to standard implementation are not required by law to comply but compliance is recommended where practical.

The surveyor will take neither weight calculations nor  size measurements. All vessel data is taken from published information.

A pre purchase situation starts with all of the above and may also include  a full engine and drive evaluation, possibly sea trials and in the case of sailboats a complete inspection of all spars, standing and running rigging and all sails.

    The Marine Survey is an opinion of the surveyor on the condition of a vessel within the parameters outlined above and the recommendations made are based on the surveyors knowledge and experience. These reports are in no way a guarantee of the vessel's condition or performance either now or in the future. 


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